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ECO Devices Laboratory needs a number of new students because of many collaborative interests from industries and institutes. We welcome applications of M.S./Ph.D. and Ph.D. as well as postdoctoral positions. Undergraduate or master's students have a chance to stay as internship students. For more information, check the Join Us page. ECO Devices Laboratory needs a number of new students because of many collaborative interests from industries and institutes.

Research Fields

The ECO Devices Laboratory is challenging the development of energy-saving devices such as LED- or Laser-lighting, and energy-generation devices using photo-catalysis phenomena. The energy-saving and -generation devices would help to solve energy problems in the future. Our research will make new devices and realize new ideas of material development and material growth technology. 

Nitride semiconductors are a unique material system, which covers bandgap from 0.65 eV to 6.1 eV (the 210 nm (UV) to 1900 nm (IR) wavelength range). The bandgap shows the potential to realize the UV-visible-IR LEDs and lasers. However, it is not easy to grow high-In-content InGaN for the yellow and red regions compared to the UV, blue, and green regions.

We are developing original MOVPE technology and the strain-compensation structures to grow high-quality high-In-content InGaN quantum wells. Our technology will revolute displays, lightings, and medicals through novel devices such as efficient red LEDs, phosphor-free white LEDs, yellow laser diodes,etc in the near future. Also, the material system is chemically tough, so this is suitable to fabricate efficient photocatalyst using its tunable bandgap. ​