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ECO Devices Laboratory needs a number of new students because of many collaborative interests from industries and institutes. We welcome applications of M.S./Ph.D. and Ph.D. as well as postdoctoral fellow (Postdoctral fellow description.pdfPostdoctoral fellow description.pdf) positions. Undergraduate or master's students have a chance to stay as visiting students in and after 2019 Fall until 6 months. For more information, check the Join Us page. ECO Devices Laboratory needs a number of new students because of many collaborative interests from industries and institutes.

Research Fields

The ECO Devices Laboratory is challenging to develop energy-saving devices such as LED- or Laser-lighting, and energy-generation devices using photo-catalysis phenomena. The energy-saving and -generation devices would help to solve energy problems in the future. Our research will make new devices and realize new ideas of material development and material growth technology.